Monday, February 14, 2011

cupcaking as a single man

so a lot of people are down and out because it’s valentines day; it’s these same people that are calling it “singles awareness day” 
well that’s what i call it too, but i look for the silver lining in the day. 
as i sat down with a good friend this morning for a bagel and tea, i told her that when you’re in a relationship, valentines day is only about making that one person in your life feel special. for me, being a single man it’s about making all the women in my life feel special and that someone cares about them; because frankly i do! 
chivalry isn’t dead: in fact it’s very much alive. when i picked up my friend who recently became single this morning i showed up with 3 flowers from the bush outside my house and the radio on an oldies station blasting “build me up buttercup!” 
why did i do this? because i know it made her day just a little bit better. 
you can do the little stuff, like stealing flowers from the bushes in front of your house or that neighbor who meticulously manicures her roses; or you can go big, like leaving a flower on the door knob of every girl in the dorms that you know so they have something to wake up to on valentine's day (yes i did do this. and if you’re looking for cheap roses, costco is the place to go.)
have a happy valentine's awareness day.cupcake sandwich day or whatever the heck you want to call it. 
Oh, and for the cupcake sandwich? well, this picture might explain it the best. 
cupcake sandwich  (supposedly a good way to eat a cupcake on the run)

remember, chivalry is alive. it’s just a little shy; in the form of a flower ready to be picked, or a cupcake ready to be made into a sandwich. :)

sincerely yours, 
your "go-to" man

p.s. for full description on how to make a cupcake sandwich, click on the caption above.